Voucher Program

Our Voucher program is designed to help parents that don’t want to send cash money with their child to school for the Reindeer Lane Gift Shop or just want to use a credit card for their child’s purchase.

The Voucher is only good for use in the Reindeer Lane Gift Shop at school when the shop is running.

The Voucher has no cash value and must be used in full at the Reindeer Lane Gift Shop while it is running in school.

To Purchase a Voucher

Click on Purchase Voucher.

You may then fill out all of the required information. You must know the school name and student’s teacher’s name. If possible the room number is also helpful.

You will be able to type each person’s name that your child is buying for and how much they should spend on each person, as you are doing this the form will show a subtotal to keep up with how much you are spending.

After you have completed the form and click on purchase you will need to agree to the terms before proceeding. You will come to the payment screen. Here is where you will enter your payment information. You may use PayPal or a credit or debit card.

After payment is completed you will get a final PDF file of your voucher that has the dollar amount you spent and a unique authorization code that may be printed or downloaded for printing. You will also be e-mailed a PayPal receipt.

Just send the voucher to school with your child when they are scheduled to shop.

Question: What happens if the voucher is lost?

Answer: Your Gift Shop chairman will have access to see that the voucher was purchased and can give your student credit. Remember the voucher can only be used once and has a unique authorization code.

Question: Can I purchase one voucher for my children to share?

Answer: No, you must purchase one Voucher for each child.

Question: Is there a Minimum dollar amount required to purchase a voucher?

Answer: Yes the minimum dollar amount required is $10.00.

Question: May I return an item after purchasing it for a refund?

Answer: No, all sales are final and no refunds are given. However if the item is damaged or broken it may be returned for replacement. If you do not know that the item is damaged until after the Holidays just call 1-877-378-0403 and we will replace the item at no cost.